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PVC/WPC Profile Production Line
PE WPC profile production line
  • This production line is suitable to produce the PP, PE, PVC + wood composite products, the WPC products are strong and durable, both have the advantages of plastic and wood products, at the same time, they overcomes the shortages of plastic products that is easily got deformed, and the wood products can easily get corrosion, damaged by worms, short service life, etc. They are popularly used as packing case and wood-polymer tray; flooring panel, indoor and outdoor decoration, plank flooring, pavilion and chair in park, etc. The amount of wood power or fibers can reach to 50-70%.

    Normally this line is composed by 7 parts ,as follow:

    1. Feeder
    2. conical twin-screw extruder

    4.  calibration tank
    5. haul-off 
    6. cutter 
    7. staker 
    The mixer can also be equiped by requirement .