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PVC/WPC Profile Production Line
PVC Profile Production Line
  • The PVC profile extrusion line is equipped with conical twin-screw extruder. The production line has many advantages: material thawing even, small shear rate, high output, long service life, etc. The production line includes extruder, calibrator unit, haul-off unit, film-coating machine, stacking unit, etc.
    This PVC profile extrusion line can also be used as PVC wood composite (WPC) foaming profile extrusion line.
    PVC wood foaming profile extrusion line: equipped with specially designed screw, barrel, die-head and axiliary machines, using advanced procesing technique. The profile is a new environmental friendly product, material mixed plastic, wood and appropriate aditives. It is widely used for product carrier, packaging box, frame of window & door, decorating board and other outdoor products.

    The main technical data:

    mode KFYYZ-180 KFYYZ-240 KFYYZ-300
    max. width (mm) 180 240 300
    auxiliary power(kw) 18.7 27.5 33.1
    cooling water capacity(m3/h) 5 7 7
    air pressure (MPa) 0.6 0.6 0.6