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Pipe production lines
PE Carbon Spiral Pipe Machine
  • The PE Spiral Pipe Extrusion Line is composed by:
    1. Extruder with feeding machine
    2. Die head & mould
    3. Spiral forming machine & vacuum calibration & water spray cooling trough
    4. Haul off machine
    5. Winder for small diameter pipe, or cutter for big diameter pipe & unloading stacker
    The PE Spiral Pipe Production Line has characteristics of compact conformation, comfortable operation, easy to maintain, high performance/price ratio. By adopting high performance extruder and automation system, it runs stably and produces high quality pipes.
    The PE Spiral Pipe Extrusion Line is mainly used for producing PE spiral pipe. This kind of pipe has characteristics of high strength, high toughness, anti-corrosion, light weight, long service life and anti-deformation; it is widely used in cable protection and vented exhaust. It is an ideal alternative of cast iron pipe, rubber pipe and PVC pipe. Widely used in road light, high way, bridge construction for cable/ electrical wire protection. It is usually buried under ground. Main technical data

    Model KFYPE-C-125 KFYPE-C-200
    Extruder KFYSJ-65*33 KFYSJ-65*33
    Pipe dia.(mm) Φ50-125 Φ125-Φ200
    Output (kg/h) 100 200
    Production speed (m/min) 1-3 0.5-2
    Installed power (kw) 100 150
    Overall dim. (L*W*H)(m) 16*2*1.4 20*2.3*1.4