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Pipe production lines
Pre-stress PE corrugated pipe production line
  • As a new type of holed material, pre-stress single wall corrugated pipe has many advantages compared with metallic corrugated pipe, It is acid resistant, alkali resistant, it has good sealing property, there is no seepage for water or paste, Its rigidity is rather high. Its frictional coefficient is small. It is ageing proof, electric erosion proof, it has good soft flexibility. It is convenient for connection in construction. So it has overcome all shortcomings of traditional metallic corrugated pipes. Such kind of pipes are originally imported from overseas with rather high price and long time delivery, Facing such status, we positively absorbed and introduced technique of foreign equipment and depended on relative research institutes and developed production line for chiefly HDPE pre-stress single wall corrugated pipe, the specification ranges from ø50mm-ø160mm. This item has filled national gap. This will undoubtedly facilitate application of pre-stress single wall corrugated pipe. It will also bring a lot of profit for producers of relative finished products.

    Item Model Dimension Power(kw) Weight(kg) Quantity Remark
    Single-screw extruder SJ-150/30 4800×1250×1650 160 7500 1 High output, co-extrude
    SJ-120/30 3900×1120×1520 132 5000 1
    Mould SBPE-500 Φ595×3200 60 4000 1 Double-helix, whole cooling system
    SBPE-630 Φ695×3200 80 5000 1
    SBPE-800 Φ995×3500 100 6000 1
    Shape machine for spiral pipe BW-500/800 7500×2340×3440 118 19000 1 Horizontal, shuttle transmission, water cooling mould block.
    Hauling-off unit with cooling DYLQ-800 6500×1900×1750 9 2000 1 Hauling-off with reinforcing water cooling,
    Planet cutter XQ-800 4100×2200×2900 9.9 4500 1 Locating clamp, two-side cutting
    Pilling unit JD-800 6000×1570×1250 0.5 2000 1 Automatic high-speed pilling
    Stabilizing color masterbatch mixer SH280 1050×820×1350 4 350 2 Mixing color masterbatch
    Automatic charging unit ZJ600 820×650×1200 2.2 100 1 Automatic charging
    Hopper style dryer STG-U800 2200×1100×2400 24.75 300 1 Be equipped on the extruder, to protect re-dampness