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Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine
Send date: 2017-07-20 16:34

PA PE PP PVC Single Wall Corrugated Pipe Machine

This machine can produce different type of single wall corrugated pipe include shirnkable corrugated pipe 

and non-shrinkable corrugated pipe. These pipe is widely used in calble prtection and sewage in basin.

Machine constitute:

1,Single Screw Extruder

2,Die and Mould

3,Forming Machine(Corrugator) Vacuum type and non vacuum type

4,Forming Mould Block


The corrugated pipe extruder have different model. It is decided by the pipe diameter. 8-15mm adopt SJ30/28; 

16-32mm use SJ-50/30; 40-63mm use SJ-50/30; 

63-90mm use SJ-65/30; Also it need to be decided according to customer's capacity requirement. 

The Corrugated Pipe Mould of single wall corrugated pipe is produced by our factory and process by milling machine. 

It include the core mould and basic mould. After nitrogen process. The hardness will be high.

Forming Machine(Corrugator) is the forming part that carry forming mould block inside. 

The forming mould block can be 39 pairs,42 pairs,50 pairs,62 pairs,72 pairs...which is depend on the pipe length and speed.

Forming Mould Block decide the surface of finish pipe. The pipe can be shirinkable sewage pipe. 

And it can also be non-shrinkable type. The diameter and surface is decided according to customer's requirement.

Customer need to send the corrugated pipe as sample to produce the mould block;

Different type of recoiler is available. You can wind 50m/100m/200m

After reociler,you can pack the finish pipe with packing machine,please see the following pipe after packing in coil.

Customer come to check machine quality before delivery.Then we load to container and delivery;