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HDPE Two Layers Spiral Pipe Machine
Send date: 2017-03-22 12:48

HDPE Two Layers Spiral Pipe Machine

Kefengyuan invite the HDPE rib reinforced spiral pipe since the year of 2012. Now we keep innovation and invite two layers spiral pipe machine;

This new technology can produce pipe that has substitute Krah,Double Wall Corrugated Pipe and Hollow Wall Winding Pipe;

This HDPE two layers spiral pipe has high SN which can reach SN16;It is widely used as sewae pipe and win large market in China and all over the world.

HDPE Two Layers Spiral Pipe Extrusion Line include:

1,Single Screw Extruder for HDPE profile

2,Co-extruder for inside yellow colour

3,Die head/compunde mould 

4,Vacuum Calibration Table(Tank)

5,Haul-off Machine

6,Forming Machine

7,Cutting Machine


The model of the extrusion line:300-1200mm;1000-2200mm,2000-3000mm;

Ring Stiffness:SN4/6/8/12.5/16

HDPE Two Layers Sprial Pipe Structure

Inside Layer is Flat and the yellow layers can be adjusted thick or thin;

HDPE Two Layers Spiral pipe Production Process

SN12.5 Structure of HDPE Spiral Pipe

SN12.5 Two Layers HDPE Spiral Pipe Structure

SN16 Reinforced HDPE Two Layers Spiral Pipe Machine Mould