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Market Research
Send date: 2012-09-27 13:32

In 2009, with the vigorous development of the plastic industry chain, plastics machinery industry also performed well. Plastic machinery industry is following the footsteps of the plastics industry forward.

China, as one has been among the major powers in the world plastics industry, the development of the plastics industry chain has been integrated with the global plastics industry, and the huge consumer market in China's booming no doubt led to the rapid development of China's plastics industry . The past three years, China's plastics machinery to achieve a steady development, even by the invasion of the financial crisis, China's plastic industrial output value, industrial sales output value and export delivery value still grew, growth rates were 4.89%, 1.27 %, 6.47%. Crazy raging in the financial crisis of 2009, 518 Chinese plastic machinery manufacturing enterprises above designated size in 1-6 months still achieved 10.404 billion yuan of industrial output value, industrial sales output value of 10.311 billion yuan.